I want to thank you so much Dante did an amazing job. 
Everything was perfect. 
Everybody was telling me how beautiful the place looked and how it looked like a real garden. 
It was everything I expected and more. 
Decorations went perfect with my center pieces.
There are potential client in my list of guest so I'll let you know about that. 
And if I have another party I would definitely not hesitate to you give you a call.

August 6, 2013
Kinder Kastle recently used Dream Factory Decor for our 10th Anniversary Open House. 
​Elaine was very professional, detail oriented and reliable. 
Her designs were exactly what we needed to make our event fun while remaining professional. 
We gave Elaine creative freedom and she exceeded our expectations. 
She took Kinder Kastle’s color scheme and style into consideration and worked with us every step of the way to assemble a gorgeous castle and knight, which were a hit with adults and kids alike. 
Our balloon décor was created and assembled quickly and in a manner that did not interfere with the traffic that a busy childcare center often has. 
Everyone who attended our Open House was in awe of Dream Factory Decor’s beautiful creations. 
Elaine even went the extra mile and brought us a beautiful balloon flower bouquet in celebration of our anniversary.  
Dream Factory Decor’s quality of work and customer service are truly outstanding. 
We highly recommend them for any event, either professional or personal. 

D.P., Center Director
M.N., Assistant Director
Everything went great!
Place looked great, everyone raved about balloons!
Thank you very much!
​ Adam
Oh. My. Goodness.
Thrilled beyond words! It was so fun, festive, and unique.
And what a pro staff you have. Dante was wonderful, staying late, coming back and forth, cleaning up, everything.
The logo look GREAT and everyone loved it! The kids went bananas. 
We gave a way the center pieces and parts of the big guys at the end. :)
Thank you so much!
I hope to work with you all again in the future!
I will send any pictures that I may get your way. 
Hope you're having a great trip!
Be well,
R. D. - DR Coordinator | World Wide Day of Play 2013